IgorMUD’s Approval Process

The Approval Process

Approval Help Docs

Quality Department Guidelines


For anyone interested in coming to Igor to eventually become a Wizard and coding in the IgorMUD world, here are the basics of the Approval Process for Areas, Items and all things code on Igor.  Documents online will show more detail, but this presents a good overview.


The Approval Process


Approval is the process used to make sure the objects and areas in Igor available for mortals to use and explore are up to certain standards. Approval consists of two parts, Quality and Balance, which are managed by Arch Wizard teams.


Quality is the department that checks a Wizard’s code not only for techniques and efficiency to make sure you're doing things correctly, but also for typos, descriptions, coherency, etc.  Their goal is not only to make sure your code doesn't break (or break the game), but also to make sure it looks good to the players who adventure here.


Balance is the department that checks to make sure that players aren't going to get away with murder.  Not only will Balance check to determine if a monster is giving away too much treasure and equipment for it's difficulty level, but they will also inspect an entire area to check whether it's in line with other areas in the game (including monster density, healing availability, amount of treasure, etc..). 


·        To see which Arches are part of the current Approval Team, just type 'help arch' in Igor.


Approval Help Docs


Some documents are available for Wizards just starting out creating new items or areas. They will give a great example of how IgorMUD’s Approval System works. (Only Wizards have access to these documents on Igor).


·        The (/doc/build/) directory contains many helpful docs on the different aspects of creating an area.

·        Balance has a subdirectory (/doc/build/balance) that has some information specific to the Balance issues of Approval.

·        For a good overview of Approval information read approval.readme.1, approval.readme.2 and approval.oftenfoundbugs.

·        For good rules-of-thumb for Balance, try /doc/build/balance/quickchart. 

·        If after looking at the docs, you still have questions, you can ask any Arch or WizHelper.

·        Other Wizards who have already gone through the process of creating an area and getting it approved might also be able to help.  These Wizards are levels 105 and higher.

·        Also, keeping the wizh (wizhelp) line on and watching the help that goes on there might prove helpful, as well as asking questions on there when necessary.


Quality Department's Guidelines


Quality’s Code Guidelines


1)      All code should be legible.

2)      Have a sensible directory structure. 

3)      Have a sensible naming scheme for functions and variable.

4)      Have comments in the code.

5)      Long descriptions should be checked for grammar. 

6)      Every noun in the long description of a room should have an add_item so the player can look more closely at it.  This is a MINIMUM. 

7)      All text that a mortal will see should be checked for typos and grammar.

8)      Everything you code, test it for bugs!

9)      Make a list of all autoloaders in your code submission.

10)  Get a WizHelper, or someone to check over things before you submit to Approval.


Try to be Original


It's natural that people get influenced and inspired by the work of others. To a certain extent it's also good. Just don't forget that it's usually better to come up with an original idea than copying or improving someone else's. Spend time developing your idea, adding and polishing details and concepts.


Think through your idea BEFORE you start coding, and make it fun! Areas containing 100 rooms with LOTS of monsters and nothing else are not good areas; simple hack'n'slash is not what Igor needs. And think twice before you code things that might offend people... A monster shouting every minute that X is an asshole IS offensive!


IgorMUD prides itself on its originality.  We don’t want areas that can be found on every other MUD in cyberspace; after all, do you find it fun to enter a brand new mud, just to find identical areas?  Igor is unique, and will stay that way.  


Last Updated: March 2003