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A Board Story


Re: Stories /2/ Anarchus <135> Fri Jul 19 18:31:43 2002

I'm reminded of this story I heard about these two bored Avatars...


Re: Anarchus /4/ Kador <117> Fri Jul 19 18:49:27 2002

I don't think that history relates them to have been bored...


Re: Kador /7/ Anarchus <135> Fri Jul 19 18:56:03 2002

Ah, such as legends go when some versions of the chronicle contain such

implications, whereas others do not.  I would blame differences of eyewitness

accounts, were it not for the fact that the most reliable (and conflicting)

versions of said story were composed by the same author(s).


Instead, I am willing to blame conflicting levels of inebriation.


From the Wizline


Carlyle sneaks Bob out of Damien's pocket.

Damien :: He!

Carlyle wanders around the line with a bunny on her head.

Carlyle jumps up and down on Damien to wake him up.

Carlyle continues jumping up and down on Damien cause he's remarkably bouncy.

Carlyle bounces on Damien's head some more, cuddling Bob.

Carlyle bounces on Damien's head some more, letting Bob float up into the air, then catching him gently on the way down.  Bob just nibbles an invisible carrot happily.

Meg giggles

Meg snuddles Carly

Carlyle reinserts the "happily" after just, cause that's better grammar.

Meg :: bah! idlers!! It's OUR line Carly! :)

Herb :: hah

Meg :: ooh! Herb and Happy unidled! *beams*

Meg licks Herb

Happy :: Surprise ;)

Carlyle and Meg and Bob jump happily on Damien's head, grabbing Herb and tossing him up into the air with Happy and some vegetables and a little wine vinegrette.

Damien :: Woei!


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