IgorMUD’s Boards


More properly called Cat Boards, Igor’s message Boards are many and of a huge variety of topics.  The most important one for a player is the Adventurer’s Board, found in the Adventurer’s Guild Hall.  For the Wizard, it’s the Wizard’s Board, found south of the Adventurer’s Board.  Guilds have their own Boards to keep their members informed of going-ons in the Guild, and many of the Clubs, Families and Domains in Igor have Boards as well. 


Along with these game Boards are other Boards of a more fun and conversational nature.  IgorMUD is, after all, made up of many people from all walks of life.  To that end there are Boards scattered throughout Igor with a variety of topics, such as:


·        Music & Poetry

·        Politics

·        Books

·        The Charmed Ones

·        Sports

·        WCW Wrestling



While some Boards require searching, others require an invitation to gain access.  Some of the Boards dispersed around Igor include:


·        The Cynics Board

·        The RPG Board

·        The Sex Board

·        The Recipes Board

·        The WarCraft Board


Other Boards are for very specific audiences.  Programmers and computer enthusiasts might enjoy the


·        Code Board,

·        UNIX Board, or

·        LPC Board.


While only Wizards will have access to and find others beneficial, such as the:


·        New Wizards Board,

·        Feedback Requests Board, and

·        The Ideas Board.



Last Updated: March 2003