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The Enchanted Terror Island


Dare you visit the Enchanted Terror Island, a realm of immense mystery and complicity, its great disparity of power clouding the sovereignty of its kingdom. Resident creatures feed on the sobriety of your mind so that even if you do make it out alive, you'll come screaming back for more…


Troll Village

Deep into the forest of Jamc lies a deadly village known by all as "Troll Village."




If you do manage to hack your way through all the Trolls, killing Achilles (heh, you wish!) there's a profitable treasure room and a clinic for permanent weapon grafts. (Honest!)


Map of the Enchanted Terror Island


The FFF Files on Some of the Vectras Controlled Places in Foyrexia


The Mountain of the Lost is a barren and impenetrable rock that soars high into the sky. It is located past the 'Void' and the home of Count Vectras; the Castle of Muerta, sits securely upon its crown. Only members of the FFF can brave the perils of the Mountain and then only with orders to do so. Beware the visitor to this 'monument to Hell' for all have returned insane, if at all.


The Ruins of the Saurials are located deep into the Forest of Night. They were only discovered when the evil priest, Que See ordered the beating of the Scared Skin Drums, summoning the faithful worshippers of the 'Snake God'.  It is the black heart of an evil realm and those who are caught trespassing will be sacrificed to the mighty anaconda!!


The Void refers to an area southeast of Brittany.  This Forbidden Zone lies between the lands of Foyrexia and the stronghold of Count Vectras, the Castle of Muerta. It is primarily a wasteland of sand and glass, the legacy of nuclear powers that governed and fought over this land centuries ago. We are currently surveying and researching the area and any important findings will be added to this file.


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·        The FFF Files on Some of the Creatures of Foyrexia (Possibly Vectras Controlled)


Explore Praxis, the Heart of Klingon Territory


Praxis, in spite of bad times in the Empire, is a thriving port town on the coast of the Gulf of Praxia.


Praxis' town square is Plohshat Square, the intersection of Main Street and K'Plah Boulevard. In the middle of the square is a grand monument to all Praxian warriors who have met their death with honour. The town is full of merchants selling all sorts of goods, and a restaurants selling fine Klingon food.


One of the local merchants is an importer of fine, if not strange Klingon armours from the island Kep Mikh in the Gulf of Praxia. You can take a look at any armour in the store before buying it. Also you can visit the Ak'Ta'Ang's Restaurant. The best Klingon food on all of Igormud is served here! Ak'Ta'Ang's serves Gagh, Breggat lung, Tippias claw, Chi'kalak juice, Dargh, Klingon vodka, a fine variety of delicasies. If you ask, you might even be able to visit the Klingon kitchen.


Santa Carla

The road winds its way along the top of the green seaside hill.

There is a track that cuts back between the hills behind you.

Ahead of you, the hill drops off into the fairgrounds of a little town.


Farther south, the rest of the small town lies out before you.

Waves roll onto the shore from all the way out to the dying horizon.

Alongside the road here is a billboard, begging to be looked at.  It reads:


 Welcome to

  Santa Carla

Night is Falling.


Legend of Nissome

By ancient legend, there once existed a realm known as the Underworld, called by the inhabitants "Nissome."  This land existed far beneath the surface of Igor, only reachable through the magic of the Nissomar. 


Relations between Nissomar and the rest of Igor were fairly stable, except that, for some reason, the Orcs hated the Nissomar, perhaps seeing them as rivals beneath the earth. 


After a massive attack-raid by Orcs, which decimated the Nissomar and greatly damaged the beauty of the Underworld realm, reducing the largest Underworld empire, the Festmorian Empire, to a mere shadow of itself, the Emperor of Festmore ordered all Portals to the Underworld sealed off and hidden.


Now, many years have passed, and Nissome has passed into myth and legend, and has mostly been forgotten.


The Orcs, however, have NOT forgotten, and always slaver at the thought that they may yet have a chance to dine on Nissomar flesh, and recently there have been rumours.  Rumours that a group of Orcs have found a long-buried Portal to the Underworld, and have been trying to form an expedition to attempt to once again launch an attack, or at least a pillaging raid, against the hated Nissomar.


Who knows if such rumours are true.  But a person with a spirit of adventure might be interested in such rumours, and perhaps launch an expedition of their own, to find the Portal before the Orcs do, and maybe, if the Portal exists, re-establish relations between Nissome and the rest of Igor.


IgorMUD’s Sewers

IgorTown boasts an extensive sewer system.  Well, perhaps BOASTS is the wrong word. 


The sewers go on in all directions, and often time they can lead unwary adventurers to the most bizarre places, or into the direst of situations.  The “things” that live down there, for after all, what would “live” in a sewer, are unspeakable, unfathomable.  And the path of the sewers has never been mapped, so be careful - there is no telling where the filth of Igor goes.






The FFF Files on Some of the Creatures of Foyrexia (Possibly Vectras Controlled)


Ruddy Oak , the King of the Oaks, is a royal pain in the arse! He is determined to keep the Maples without sunlight and will stop at nothing to make it so. He is by far the largest, meanest Oak alive and litters the ground at his roots with the bones and carcasses of his would-be slayers.


One of the confirmed evil Count's minions, Vertibreaker is a skeletal being made from the magically enhanced carcass of a longhorn steer. He still stands on four legs, but has two forward arms and four more along its thick spine. Each arm ends with a hideous claw.



Sinbad: It is a common misconception that Sinbad is a good guy.  On the contrary, he is a mercenary and fights for money and his own personal glory. He sails as good as he fights and definitely fights well.


Date: Fri Jul 19 17:12:40 2002

Subject: ramblings of an old player


“Where to begin. First and foremost my favorite kill.  Dustbunny, lurking in the dust under the adventurer's guild, it spread wild rumours about me. It just had to die, and die, and die, and die!”


“Second of all Max, he sometimes has an ancient medallion, which could protect a vampire from being staked. A fight with him was simple, [it was him and] his dog.  Get in, smash, smash, … etc etc etc. He was worth [a bundle], which was pretty good in those days.”


“My fav was Dagahze, deep down on the bottom of Blackbird's sea, she was selling heals. AND she is [a formidable kill].  One had to prepare though, for a kill like that. I was a Loremaster at the time, and preparations included [lots of] brewing of healing potions… Further-more one needed [powerful weapons],like the gauntlets of Kinsar, the Amulet of Fear, the Snowy Ring, stuff like that.  Then take angel's dust, get the Evil Sword of the Planes and away you go. She could hand out some nasty damage with her spells, but usually she stood no chance.”

“Of course there are many many more monsters I killed on a regular basis, but these 3 have to be the ones I killed most   :)”


Date: Thu Jul 18 20:46:40 2002

Subject: neat monster notes


“#1, Lord British.  That guy rocks.  He's big as all get out, and he does cool shit like break your weapon, heal, and beat you with a stick.”


“#2, Achilles.  Not always big, but always fun.  Changes form, does different stuff.  Oh yeah, and he summons those other trolls.  Good stuff.

I'm also a big fan of my hamster, Fuzzy Lumpkins.  Very much a nonstandard monster.  He does [tons of stuff].”


“The more interesting gits tend to be able to slip past "normal" defenses, and they typically also have the more worthwhile gear.

Like that one [guy] in Praxis.  I forget his name, …gotta beat him down old school.  Anyway, the reason he's cool is his staff.  It's bad as hell.”




Somewhere beneath the Terror channel (between Igor and Terror Island) lurks Seademon.



A character from a Swedish kids show back in the 70’s…


This is the horrible Big potato. It's not a normal
inhabitant of the valley, but managed to get here somehow anyway.
It scared the #$!& out of several Swedish kids in the 70's,
including Strauss. Do them a favour and kill it.

Big potato says: Putt-putt-putt-putt-putt-putt.


“Big Potato is an annoying kill which most people have been in a fight with.  Its got a very good sword and fair armour.  And it’s also a character from a Swedish kids’ show back in the 70’s.”



Tigger is Boy's favourite pet. He is also the mascot of Terror Island, and the most talkative monster on Igor.  An orange glow forms around his tail, head and paws. He is very well protected by Boy's magic. Tigger is very kind, warm and snuggly!


Beware!  If you consider killing this loveable critter just know that the Tigger Defenders will come to his aid if he ever calls for help.



*Some accounts have been edited to protect the privacy of the monsters.


Last Updated: April 2003