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The IgorMUD RC5 Cracking Team


The 64-bit RC5 challenge is over!

The key has been found.

The RC5-56 has also been solved, along with DES-II-1 and DES-II-2


From distributed.net:

The RC5-64 project ended on July 14, 2002 when the announcement was made that the key 0x63DE7DC154F4D039 that produced the plaintext output "The unknown message is: Some things are better left unread" had been found.”


Distributed.net - RC5-64 finis (Adventurer’s Board)


Fri Sep 27 2002 10:55:28


The RC5-64 challenge (http://www.distributed.net) is done.


From the announcement (http://www.distributed.net/pressroom/news-20020926.html)


On 14-Jul-2002, a relatively characterless PIII-450 in Tokyo returned the winning key to the distributed.net keyservers. The key 0x63DE7DC154F4D03 produces the plaintext output:      The unknown message is: some things are better left unread


The discovery was delayed by a broken script and the announcement was delayed by scheduling conflicts between d.net and RSA Labs. They've now confirmed it as the winning key.


See also http://www.igormud.org/info/rc5.html.


d.net will consider working on RC5-72 and other projects. If anyone wants Igor to be part of this, talk to me.




Client Used

From distributed.net, versions for all platforms and includes documentation.




Initial Information


The team is a response to the interest and discussion on the Babel board (2 down from the Adventurers Guild). The primary contact for the team is Strider.


You can check out the current Igor progress at the official stats server.


If you want to know more, see the discussion on the board for information.


If you want to join, get the client from the client page.


The team # is 539, so point your blocks to this team ID. Personally, I'm running the client as a service on my NT at work and on my Linux box at home. I didn't have much problem setting it up, but if you do, I'll gladly help. As for other clients, I have no idea. I guess you can search the RC5 web pages for some help.


You register all blocks under your own e-mail. Go to the stats server, find you e-mail. At the bottom of the Summary page there's a button to get your password sent to you by email. After getting the password, go into the "Edit your information" section to edit information about yourself. Set your Team Affiliation to 539. This is the Igor team ID. This will register your blocks with the Igor team, as well as with your individual e-mail.


Good luck!

Last Updated: March 2003