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Players Make the World Go Round


Players are mortals who play the game, join Guilds, explore the MUD, fight monsters, gain experience, solve Quests, and occasionally, (sometimes often) die.  When they die their ghost makes it’s way to the local church and prays, and, low and behold! the ghost becomes a Player again. Of course, he’s not quite what he was before, but what would you expect after having died?


As a Player explores, Quests, fights and successfully kills monsters, he gains experience points.  These points earns the Player levels, and these levels earn the Player bonuses, usually in the form of spells or higher stats, which in turn can get you more experience points by helping you explore, Quest and fight better. 


As a member of a Guild, a Player uses experience points in whole different ways, depending on the Guild.  A Player might spend his experience points to learn a new skill, or become better with a particular weapon, thereby becoming a better Guild member, and a more powerful Player. 


Whether in a Guild or not, a Player must earn a certain number of experience points in order to advance levels, and must solve a certain number of Quests in order to advance beyond particular level markers.


There are 100 levels of Players in Igor.  Guild Titles vary per Guild, but the following shows the general level titles and the experience points* needed at those levels)


Levels 1 – 10 are Adventurers, but at these levels they are fondly referred to as Newbies. (0 – 10,000 exp pts).


Level 11 – 19 are Adventurers (15,000 – 500,000 exp pts).


To advance beyond Level 19 a Player must complete 50% of the IgorMUD’s Quests as well as earn the required experience points.


Levels 20 – 70 are Experienced Adventurers (500,000 - 1,249,000 exp pts).


Level 25 is when a Player can first attempt to become a Wizard.


Levels 71 – 90 are Champions (1,250,000 - +1,400,000 exp pts).


Levels 91 – 99 are Heroes (1,400,000  - 1,500,000 exp pts).


Level 100 is a true Legendary Hero (+1,500,000 exp pts), the highest in the game.


The highest level Player on IgorMUD is Mithril, level 100 (11/2003).


Wizards are the creators of the world


To become a Wizard on Igor, you must advance to level 25, and then find an experienced creator to sponsor you into Wizardhood.  Wizards must give up playing the game and much of their interaction with Mortals, but for those called to the path of the Immortals, the rewards greatly outweigh the sacrifice of their mortality.


Wizards have different levels. There are a few practical purposes to this; senior wizards are more likely to have the answer to beginner questions, they are less likely to suddenly go psycho and slay crowds of mortals, they are generally hoped to be more stable and wise. Similarly, there is a difference between a "published" creator, somebody who has gone through the approval process with a major piece of code, and somebody who is still learning the very basics of LPC.


Apart from the following broad categories, Wizard levels are generally not that interesting. We encourage that people do not try to become Wizards to gain status or as career steps. Wizards are coders, and if you code, you do it because you want to contribute to the game.


The wizard levels that exist in the game, for practical or historical reasons, are these:


Wizards start at level 101. Many of them stay there. This level is that of the basic wizard, with no code in the game.


At 102 a Wizard has gone through the approval process with some object.


The main Wizard Creator level is 105. It means you have a real area in the game, or are a major contributor/member of a domain or guild that does. You're expected to fix little problems that may appear in your code at this point and you may fiddle with it a bit, without going through approval. (We'd still like to see new code and extensions that you write).


Domain Lords are level 106. They are, not surprisingly, responsible for their domains.


Guild Masters are the guild equivalents to Domain Lords, at level 107.


Levels 115, 116, and 117 are the equivalents of 105, 106, and 107, but for people with a lot of seniority who've been around long enough and have enough experience to pretty much approve their own areas. They are this level partly because they've come to view Balance and Quality as an asset and work with them without the need for formal requirements. These levels are not applied for. They just happen to you.


WizHelpers are level 125. These are friendly, helpful, selfless Wizards who like to help out with coding questions. They are also of sufficient seniority to give good advice on most everything.


The head Wizards on Igor are called Arch Wizards, or Arches


Four teams of Arch Wizards run IgorMUD.  Each team is in charge of one aspect of the game, Law, Source, Balance and Quality.  Together Balance and Quality make up Igor’s Approval Team, which examines Wizard’s ideas and code to insure the best possible game for the mortals before they are introduced into the Igor world. 


When you are in Igor you can type “help arch” to find out who the current Arch Wizard teams are.


Arch Wizard levels are 335 for department heads and 330 for assistants. However, an Arch is an Arch, and they are the most powerful Wizards in the game, regardless of whether they are level 330 or 335. They run the game. They respectfully carry on Igor's traditions and maintain its history while reinventing it as needed.


When Arch Wizards retire, they usually end up at level 120.


The selection of new Arches is a process shrouded in mystery. Arches answer to the Larch only, who answers to no-one.


The game administrator, the final authority on Igor, is the Larch


Though he holds ultimate authority over the game, the Larch usually is a quiet administrator, allowing the Arch teams to run the game as they see fit.  Proper channels are always to approach the Arch Wizards with questions or problems, and the Larch will usually point any problems in their direction, if asked.


The Larch holds level 337, the highest position in the game.


Retired Larches hold the level 137, a position of honor.


Other Levels


Apart from the Wizards, Arches and Larch, there are a few people with levels over 100 not listed here. These folks are generally players who have been around for a very long time, some from the very founding of IgorMUD. These players should be treated with the respect of true Igor Elders.


Wizard Levels


101  Wizard

102  Wizard, w/ item in game

105  Creator Wizard

106  Domain Lord

107  Guild Master

115  Experienced Creator Wizard

116  Experienced Domain Lord

117  Experienced Guild Master

120  Ex Arch Wizard

125  WizHelper

137  Ex Larch

330  Arch Wizard Assistant

335  Arch Wizard

337  Larch


*Experience points listed are approximates. Players must gain the levels and go to the Adventurer’s Guild to determine the actual amounts.


Last Updated: January 2004