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Some of this information is out of date and printed here only for historical note.  Please refer to “Last Update” for the date reference.



Igor’s Hardware History


At Chalmers (in Sweden):

Kappa (Sun 4/490), Iota42 (Sun Sparc1+), Delta (Sun 3/50), Alfa (VAX 11/785), Epsilon (SUN 3/60). 


Then after the move to Algonet (still in Sweden):

Ratatosk? (Sun5), Bengt? (Sun20) and Phronesis (Ultra-1).


- As per Hardwark, one of IgorMud’s original WorldKeepers.  (11/2003)



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Googlism for: igormud -


igormud is a volunteer project of medium size

igormud is also known as pussgurkabunnylovemud

igormud is an lp type mud



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Last Updated: October 16, 2000
Mud Created: July, 1990

Code Base: [LP] DGD
Site: igormud.org 1701 []
Admin Email: arch@igormud.org
Theme: Anything goes/social-combat mix

·       Location: Sweden

·       Primary Language: English

·       Avg. # of Players: 25 - 49

·       Multi-Play: No

·       Player-Kill: No

·       Quests Available

·       Character Approval Unnecessary

·       World is all original

·       Huge World (15,000+ rooms)

·       Mud is fully operational


Igor is one of the oldest muds around and has withstood the test of time.  Traditionally, the strongest emphasis has been on social aspects; Igor offers customizable private rooms and a wide variety of autoloading toys in the name of creativity and fun.  Igor currently features five guilds and a unlimited advancement system.  At higher levels, players have the opportunity to build their own castles and enjoy other hallmarks of their status.  Thousands of users have enjoyed Igor over the years -- why not be next?


Review Submitted By: Guest

Author Status: Player

Started on IgorMud: 8 years ago

Submission Date: Nov 7, 2001

TMC Listing: IgorMud


(The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Guest] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).


Though i've searched long and afar for a mud coming even close to the first one I ever played 8 years ago, none has ever rivaled Igormud. This mud has it all... completely original areas (not the same generic newbie school that every mud comes with either, but an original newbie area, as well as original advanced areas), an original levelling system (there are only 19 mortal levels, at which point, after finishing a required amount of quest points and experience points, you can either get sponsored for avatarhood or wizhood) and the most social environment i've ever come across on a mud. 90% of the players and immortals have been on Igor for almost a decade or more, and people are super friendly. Igor is famous for it's meets, which are held yearly in both Europe and the US to accomodate all its players. If you want to find a super-social, truly all original mud, this is the place for you!



Taken from: www.lysator.liu.se/mud/katmandus/IgorMUD.html


The following information was last updated summer 1995, and is HISTORIC DOCUMENTATION only.

·        LPMUD Name: IgorMUD

·        Open Since: October 10, 1990

·        FQDN: igor.algonet.se :1701 (Moved from Chalmers to Algonet, probably in the fall of 1995.)

·        IP Address: igor.algonet.se

·        Port Number/s: 1701

·        Hours open: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and an extra day in leap years.

·        Registration Requirements: Some sites are email restricted, but for most none.

·        Administrator/s: Dworkin (Source), Elara (Law), Bod (QC), Electra (Balance), Hardwark (Larch)

·        Contact Person/s: Anders B Jansson, 'Hardwark', hdw@me.chalmers.se

·        Driver/Server version: Similar to lysator 3.1.2 in compat mode. Soon to be DGD.

·        Game/Mudlib version: 2.4.5 heavily modified

·        Machine Type: Sun Sparcstation 2

·        Machine Memory: 32Mb

·        Machine Disks: c:a 700Mb local, c:a 12 Gb over NFS

·        Machine OS: SunOS 4.1.2

·        Typical CPU Load by LPMUD: 20%

·        Typical Memory Load by LPMUD: 30 - 90% increasing after long uptimes

·        Typical CPU Load by other users: 5% (not users but various daemons)

·        Typical Memory Load by other users: 5% (not users but various daemons)

·        Disk space free on host machine: Depends, some Gb free since most disk are NFS mounted

·        Disk space used by entire LPMUD: 200 Mb

·        Disk space used by documentation: Documentation, what's that? you mean sourcecode? Docs and examples c:a 2 mb

·        Disk space used by driver/server: 14 Mb

·        Disk space used by game/mudlib: 165 Mb

·        Disk space used by wizards only: 87 Mb

·        Total number of player characters: c:a 4000

·        Average number of players online: c:a 35

·        Total number of wizard characters: 360 (c:a 40 Creators (level 22))

·        Average number of wizards online: 10 (counting anybody above 20 as wizards)

·        Total Number of Quests Available: 13

·        Number of Quests Required for Levels: No quests required for levels.

·        Number of Quests Required for Wizardhood: Quest system based on points. Average 11 quests needed for wizardhood.

·        Minimum Experience Required for Wizardhood: 1 Million

·        Other (if any) Requirements for Wizardhood: You need an arch or wizhelper to sponsor you.

·        Player Advancement beyond/instead of Wizardhood: Avatar class available for players with 1 million experience and all the quests needed for wizhood completed. Avatars get special spells, access to special areas and the ability to build their own castle. They also lose less experience when they die.

·        Number/type of available genders: 3 (male, female & neuter)

·        Number/type of available classes: 2 (mortal and avatar)

·        Number/type of available guilds: 5 guilds: Vampire, Knights of the Bath (good), Blue Order (evil), Loremaster (hacker) and Mauve Brigade (Swashbuckler). 2 clubs: Spice club and Shitar Fan club (all guilds/clubs are wizard-run)

·        Number/type of available skills: 5 (intelligence, strength, constistution, dexterity and unarmed combat)

·        Genre/Mood/Theme: Anything goes. We have dragons, golfers from hell, sumo wrestlers, cartoon characters and everything else.

·        Primary Orientation: Balance. Lots of quests and mini-quests which require a mix of fighting and problem solving.

·        Policy on Player Killing: Player killing is illegal though we are moving control of this from the arches to a council of elected Avatars who will oversee player law.

·        Policy on Individual Privacy: We respect individual policy as much as possible. Wizards cannot snoop a player except in areas they have created, and only for debugging purposes, not if the player is talking to anyone else. Arches only snoop for debugging or game security purposes. We have numerous private and snoop proof rooms available.

·        Policy on Multiple Characters: Officially illegal. Of course, if you don't make it obvious that you have multiple characters, we'll never know.

·        Policy on Player/Wizard Interactions: Wizards allowed to talk to players, etc but not share quest solutions or help in combat.

·        Policy on Wizard Coding/Approval of areas, objects, etc: Until a wizard is level 22, any objects or areas she/he makes must get approval from a Balance and QC arch. After having an area approved, the wizard will be made level 22 and can add things to the game at her/his discretion. Major changes or additions by creator must be approved, like adding a guild or club to an existing area.

·        Policy on Individual Castles: Wizards can work individually or as part of a domain.

·        Policy on Coding Style: All code must be workin correctly and have good descriptions (without too much bad grammar ;) before it is released into the game. Buggy code will be taken out of the game until fixed by the creator or someone appointed by her/him. Not too much hardcoded stuff in the mudlib. We try to leave the creative stuff to the wizards and only add stuff that will make coding easier.

·        Policy on Making Wizard: Frobbing is extremely rare. Everyone is welcome to become a wizard regardless of coding skill and we have many wizhelpers who are happy to help people learn how to code. If a player becomes a wizard and then decides she/he would rather stay mortal, we will make their character an avatar again (only once, though).

·        Policy on General Rules: Some posted by Avatar council. Most common sense (don't harass other players, don't knowingly abuse bugs, etc). Most of the rules are for the wizards, keeping wizards from interfering with the game (helping/harassing players, snooping and so on).

·        Policy on Disciplinary Actions: Everyone gets one warning for major rule violations and then it's either total removal from the game (removal of the player's file) or timed demote, depending on the circumstances.

·        Policy on Retension/Reimbursment: There are lockers in the game that will hold items while you are gone and refund your money after reboots/crashes (typically we reboot once a week). Money will be reimbursed if it was lost due to a bug but we do not reimburse for money lost in crashes.

·        Announcement: The Luvbunnymud or whatever, depending on the mood of the arches ;)


Last Updated: November2003